Dramatis Personae


A playwright. Handsome, late 30-something. Confident, charismatic, sensitive and sometimes aloof. He lives alone and dates Margaret.

Margaret (Molly)

Henry’s partner. A strong, straightforward woman. Supportive of Henry’s work but on her own career path as an actress. Confident about her life but very nervous about her career prospects. She has a distinctly professional and put-together look about her.


The muse who visits in the guise of a young aspiring actress. She seems a few years younger than Henry and Margaret. Curious and brilliant, with hundreds of years of experience. She wants to help Henry understand what it means to be an artist. She is at first somewhat naïve, but ultimately a coy and charismatic person.


All scenes take place in Henry apartment. The apartment has a feeling similar to Van Gogh’s painting Bedroom at Arles. A desk, sofa chairs, a coatrack, mirror and an ice box for drinks.


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