“Switch makes an amalgam of almost every possible aspect of the theater, subtly transforming speaking into singing, instrumentalists into actors, ideas into dialogue… In the end, it becomes all Aylward: a tour-de-force presentation with genuine integrity and lots of comedy as well.”

The fact that Molly and Anne are performed by the same singer — the galvanizing soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett — not only adds to the breathless quality of “Switch,” but increases the dramatic tension and layers the action.”

“Because of Aylward’s integrated approach, “Switch” has a real chance to become a work that other ensembles embrace as well. Not only is this production compelling, but it leaves open many other interpretive possibilities.”

— Keith Powers. WBUR The Artery. Boston’s NPR News Station


“The music was resourceful and fluid. Aylward summoned textures of efficient richness, delicate and deep all at once.”

“Amanda DeBoer Bartlett was a high-energy dervish of theatrical presence, fizzy and fearless.”

–Matthew Guerrieri. The Boston Globe.


“The musical numbers themselves were innovative and gorgeous, making use of a staggering variety of different sounds—from percussive raps on the cello to low breathy gasps on the alto flute. There are a number of excellent arias in the opera: “Love, Death, Honor, and Truth,” “The Magnets of Euripides,” and “The Ring” are three highlights out of many.”

“In many ways, “Switch” is a masterpiece.”

–Adriano Iqbal. The Harvard Crimson.